Friday, 5 October 2007

The first Indonesian bloggers meeting in Jakarta

Indonesian bloggers will have their first meeting on the 27th October 2007 in Jakarta. After experiencing the international citizen reporters' meeting in Seoul I know that it will be a very nice chance to meet all senior bloggers. It will help new bloggers to know more about blogging, and it will enrich the senior bloggers with more network and hopefully better connection and comments.

So, hopefully

Pesta Blogger 2007

Just keep my fingers crossed.

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JJS said...

Dear Retty,
just having read your announcement about the upcoming bloggers' meeting in Jakarta at the end of this month (27th of October), I would like to
- congratulate you, and other people who have inspired and/or organized this event, for such an initiative;
- say that I am looking forward to reading your report(s) on the preoccupations and hopes of bloggers in Indonesia, and how they view such issues as the future governance of the internet.
Thank you.
Best regards,