Sunday, 21 October 2007

Gambar Anak Indonesia Akan Menghias Perangko PBB

A Picture of an Indonesian boy will be used as the design of UN's stamps. I intend to make a longer posting in English for this one.

Combining both the previous post (Voices Against Poverty), this news about Children's Art Competition and some material from the previous water seminar was already create another article for OMNI. I'll put it in my next posting in this blog.

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Wazeen said...

dear Mbak Retty,I was a bit surprised to see you again at Pesta Blogger 2007 after what happened at the busway shelter in Blok M, to be honest I still feel a bit embarrassed, the reason I did that it was because of that I can't forgive myself if I'm being late in attending meeting, appointment, sometime if I'm late I will be loosing my energy, concentration etc, btw I'm so glad to know you and meet you at pesta blogger 2007, hope we can share more and let's stay in touch then