Thursday, 20 September 2007

Ketika Hidup Harus Memilih!

An article from a fellow contributor in wikimu about her single status was followed by another article from another person about his being single. At least that is how I remembered those articles. I do think that we've got a life full of choices. And being adult is to have the ability to cope with what we had chosen and dealing with the consequences. So I put the title "When Life is about the obligation to choose!"

Citizen Journalism Websites and also my journey to Seoul made me remember those free days without children. Marriage did not really change much of my way of spending time until I've got children.

I also put in a comment I had in my head when reading an article about being honest on not believing in God. Being atheist is also a personal choice, just like choosing a religion. We are free to choose our choice, but we should also be prepared to bear the consequences.

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