Thursday, 20 September 2007

Berbicara dengan Janin, Mungkinkah?

Is it possible to chat with your future baby?
Yes, I tried it in both my pregnancies!

My boys birthday are 7th July (7-7) and 10th Oct (10-10). It looks like arranged deliveries, but were normal deliveries.

I wrote about the choice of date in my diary as if I spoke to my eldest to be. And he did make we wait for the 7th July instead of the 14th July!

In the second delivery the twins did have head collision. The gynecologist wanted to prepare caesarian. I was afraid of recovery of the post surgery and also to the amount of bill I've got to pay (it should be doubled). So I asked the smaller "baby" to try to come out first, and to the other one to hold on until his brother was born. Then I pray to God to help us. It really worked!

Using music such as Mozart's were also in my experiment agenda. But from all those stories I do want to take the attention of younger couples that the fetus in the womb has the right to have the continuation of his life and also to gain his/her parents attention and love. To help a mother to be comfortable in her pregnancy will also help to gain a smart and creative kid.

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