Monday, 14 July 2014

We are stronger than fear, oppression and violence

In the middle of the hectic and confusing Indonesian Presidential Election, I think the sentence "We are stronger than fear, oppression and violence" is applicable also for the voters. Then, thinking about those children in Gaza, I also think that the sentence is also applicable for all the children in the area of War.

I once wrote "Why Indonesia Matters, and Why Pancasila Matters" that was for the oppression in doing one's right to have his or her own religious faith.

Malala Yousafzai, is just one year older than my eldest son. The story of Malala, how she wrote her story in her blog, made me think back to another blog post "Kartini: Bukti Kekuatan Sebuah Tulisan". Yes, Kartini was once used her writing to express her ideas of education for girls and women. Malala was even going further than just writing by exposing it to the modern world, which cause her life in danger.

I got this picture from her website. I can't imagine that this girl, who was just a teenager, a junior high schooler, was a target of killing just because she wanted to go to school and was promoting it. While I was always crazy on my sons' attitude in studying, this girl is already doing something big in a global scale to promote awareness to support the education, to encourage others to fight the campaign of fear.

Her birthday is just a week after my eldest son's birthday. I will always remember her birthday is something worth supporting. Happy birthday Malala! Wishing you all the best!

As I am always keen on working with youngsters, I will deliver her message to the Indonesian youngsters, to show that courage is stronger than any campaign of fear! If you are also keen on promoting her campaign, please visit Together, we raise our voices and try to develop a better world!

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