Monday, 26 May 2014

Singhasari's reunion in the cyber world

On Friday, 23rd May 2014, the website Singosari ( was officially launched in Museum Nasional, Jakarta. It will be the reunion place for all the cultural heritage which came from the era of Singhasari.

It was in the seminar session of Kekunaan Singhasari that Jos Taekema officially introduced and launched the website that contain the information on Singhasari and its cultural heritage. One of the greatest art products from that era is the Prajnaparamita statue. Some people considered the statue as the representation of Ken Dedes. Ken Arok, who founded the Singhasari Kingdom, married Ken Dedes as he believed that she would be the mother of the Kings of Java.

The statue itself showed the serenity and peacefulness of the wise boddhisatvadevi. After residing for a very long time in the Netherland, in 1978 this statue came back to Indonesia. Thirty six years after the return of the Queen, the richness of Singhasari which were scattered all over the world could be united in the cyber world.  

The period of Singhasari was really short, only around seventy years, but the cultural heritage is rich with beauty and skilled crafts. Coming from the 13th Century, the beauty of the statue of Prajnaparamita shows the high skill of the craftsman, and the beauty and richness of culture from that era. Unfortunately, the temples of Singhasari are sometimes found empty. According to J.L.A. Brandes, in the year of 1893, eight statues were taken to Batavia (now Jakarta) with the reason of security. According to Brandes, the statues in the temples were susceptible to be ruined or stolen. From then on, the richness of Singhasari was sent throughout the world.

Most of the cultural heritage from Singhasari period are residing in the Museum Nasional Indonesia (started as the Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen) in Jakarta, and in the Rijksmuseum Vokenkunde (currently became the National Museum of World Cultures) in Leiden. Those two leading institutions working hand in hand to share the cultural richness of Singhasari to the world through the internet.

After the seminar, there was a video mapping on the façade of the museum which faced the courtyard. It was an amazing performance. Together with the dance performance showing the Queen Prajnaparamita in the courtyard of the Museum Nasional Indonesia, the event brought back the glory of Singhasari.

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