Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014...

OMG, I published less than ten postings a year for three consecutive years. These last three years I was not really productive in writing for my own blogs. I've been working full time since June 2012, but it was clear that I was not really active in blogging here since 2011. My other blog "Journey to His Words" was getting more attention than this one. May be I should listen to my fellow blogger, Imelda, who published her writings in Twilight Express. She advised me to collect all my posts in one blog.

Being involved in a blogger community like or helped me to write more news. Lately we do have lots of possible outlets to voice our voices. Mainstream medias are also being more attentive to our voices through the social media. The journalist are now using the information from the social media before presenting their articles. It is a good sign of the positive impact of blogging and other social media's outlets.

I am mostly happy because the proportion of attention to the museum and to those who are having disability is increasing. The main reason why I write is to help directing the attention to them. It is encouraging to know that there are more people who put their interest in those subjects.

My own activities sometimes made me unable to report on certain event. For example, the interactive theatrical performance of Teater Koma in the National Museum for the Akhir Pekan @ Museum Nasional. I would love to write about it, yet my hectic schedule made me unable to attend the events. Fortunately, now they are also presented in Youtube. We can watch the story of Ksatria Bersepeda (the Knight on Bike) or the story of the Keris Puputan Klungkung (the Keris from the Puputan War in Bali), or even about the story of the ceramic from the sunken ships in Kapal Tek Sing. Want to hear the comment of the visitors? They enjoy and even want a longer presentation. You can watch and hear the comments in the link here.

I do hope that other museums in Indonesia can also do things like this. It will help to make the museum fun to visit, will also help kids to understand history (as long as it was narrated correctly).

A Brazilian friend, Carlos Rix, who I met in Seoul during the OMNI Reporters' Froum had the idea to have a blog ( for us to blog together. It is not really working yet, but I hope that we can make time to write and to share something. Sometimes, being involved directly already consumed our time. I think that is what happening with Rajen Nair, another friend from OMNI, who is now deeply involved teaching photography to those with hearing impairment. This is a youtube post of one of his activities.

Time flies, we are also going on our ways. Yet, I am sure that all of us are going to enrich the world, to put more colours on the life we are living. I am welcoming the new year with a spirit to move forward, to do more, and hopefully to write more...Happy New Year!