Friday, 26 March 2010

The three brothers (Korean Film)

Since coming back from Seoul, I've been interested in things that are related to Korea. One of that special interest is the Korean films. I saw some of Korean's television dramas were so real...The everyday problems that we are also encounter, globally...

I was the loyal follower of the Japanese film "Oshin" before, now I'm interested in following the story of "The three brothers". It's a bit funny that the title which should be translated into Indonesian language as "Tiga bersaudara" gets another translation "Keluarga Aneh" (Weird family). This is a TV serial from KBS, and it seemed that it has quite some sponsors from Indonesia; Korean restaurant, Korean wallpaper gallery, and I've also seen Garuda Indonesia (hopefully I'm not remembering another film as I'm not really sure seeing it today). I could also see some Korean advertisements, Korean singers during the film break.

I like the three brothers as it is so close to a family story, and seems so real yet so frightening...The character that made me interested in this film is actually Wu-mi, the housewife who had to face her mother-in-law's high demand everyday. Then, she still have to deal with an uncaring husband, who was persistent of not doing any infidelity while giving his special attention to his assistant in his business. It's unbelievable that there is a mother-in-law like the one who lives with Wu-Mi. And it's more amazing that a person like Wu-Mi can stand such a hard and boring life. Yet, that film made me thankful for the family I have today...

Other characters are also very interesting, but the story of Wu-Mi made me wondering of her future life. She is so Asian type, so humble and defenseless. Actually I would love to see her open her own restaurant and be a successful restaurant owner, instead of putting the rest of her life in that sorrowful condition. With her hard work and her cooking skill she can also run her own business. She deserve more than that.

Seeing Wu-Mi in her sleeping condition, when she drank overdose sleeping pills, didn't make her husband realize his wrongdoing. Wu-Mi has a strong capacity to handle all her miseries, she is tough in her husband's eyes. The "strictly business" relation between him and his assistant is already an infidelity in a woman's(wife's) feeling, but he was never realizing how he came into that trap. A weak and crying woman blinded him from the painful life that his wife had to live while living with him and his big family. But, that's life...we can see a lot of stories like that in our surroundings. I'm still curious about the future of wonder this film got successful rating in Korea.

The picture above was taken from All Koreans Online Community

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