Sunday, 21 March 2010

Links to my writings in Citizen Journalism Websites

These writings are in Bahasa Indonesia. As I became more into blogging in English here, I did not upload my writings in Bahasa Indonesia here (like I used to be).

Yet, I would like to have it in one file, so it would be easier to remember or to find it later.

Penting Mana, Fotografer Pandai Atau Kamera Pintar? I like to have beautiful pictures in my writings, but I am not diligent enough to study photography. I have a lot of photographers in my family, so it wasn't seem so important. But being in citizen journalism made me wonder back to photography and asked myself, "Which one is more important, the photographer or a good camera?"

Berkunjung Ke Museum POLRI, Membuat Anak-anak Enggan Beranjak Pulang
This one is about a rather new museum, Museum POLRI, the Indonesian Police Museum. I was not really enthusiastic on this museum, but my kids seemed to enjoy it...

OSK 2010, Pengalaman Pertama Si Kembar This year my twins tried the Kuark Science Olympiad, an interesting new experience for them, and it was the last Kuark Olympiad for my eldest son.

Hari Sabtu Kenangan: Kompasiana Nangkring dan Kapal yang Bisa Beranak Short story of my first offline meeting with Kompasiana, the citizen journalism website from the daily Kompas.

Renungan Diri Di Hari Nyepi I made a self reflection during the Balinese Saka New Year which was celebrated with Nyepi, a Silent Day. This perhaps inspired the World Silent Day, but the one that I remembered when I wrote this piece was the Earth Hour.

I'm not really active in my cyber life at the moment. Going back to teaching elementary and Junior High School took a lot of my energy. Balancing my offline and online life is also my most important resolution this year. Let it be God who decide my path, I'll walk with Him...

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