Monday, 9 February 2009

Reporting the Kuark Science Competition 2009

It's easier to report as a citizen...
I don't try to contact the contact person from Kuark Magazine, but instead I just write all the interesting thing that I saw there. Perhaps as news it is not as complete as the journalistic news in the media, but it would worth sharing for parents, students, event organizer, and the Kuark magazine itself.

additional note (July 2009):
It is interesting to see that from all those students who win medals, from the first level to the third level (see the report here), only one student from Jakarta. There are some from Bekasi and Tangerang, but others are spread from Java to Bali. Outside Java and Bali, there is one from Medan, and several from Pontianak. Yet, the absolute medal only goes to one student in the first level from Pontianak, and one student in the second level from Surabaya. It should be an interesting fact for the National Examination (Ujian Negara).


Retty N. Hakim said...

This article gained a lot of comments, mostly asking more information. I think the interactive costumer service in the website is really needed. It is also nice that people from the magazine also gave their comment there.

Anonymous said...
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