Monday, 9 February 2009

Promoting Intisari

I've known Intisari for a very long time. My mother is still collecting her old Intisari from the 70s. Last month a reporter from this magazine e-mailed me asking an interview about my being a citizen reporter. He said he would focus on, so I was surprised to see that he is also writing about in his article.

Actually on the front page there is another article that took my article on Pusat Informasi Majapahit. I was collecting some news on Majapahit Information Center, so it gave me another view of the problem there...that's why I bought that magazine.

I asked readers of wikimu to read the article about citizen journalism in Intisari. It's not due to my being interviewed as an example of a citizen reporter (I prefer the word reporter than journalist...), but because I'm happy that citizen journalism in Indonesia would be interactive with conventional media and in the long run will give benefit to all the citizen, our country, and perhaps to the world.

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