Friday, 9 November 2007

Pesta Blogger: Pesta Usai, Kenangan Tersimpan di Hati

Another article about Pesta Blogger. The party is over, memories will be kept in hearts!

Reviewing some memories from the party. The content is a mixed between my earlier post in English and some additional comments I made on others' posts about the party.

I recently read two articles published in daily Kompas and in daily Seputar Indonesia.
The article in Kompas raised up a good question that I did not think before. The writer commented that usually a national day should be through presidential decree. She mentioned slightly over the minister claiming it as a blogger day on the basis of his being overwhelming by enthusiastic crowd of the party. So, can we really say that we are having a national blogger day?

Wimar Witoelar wrote in Sindo (Seputar Indonesia) November 8, 2007, "Apakag Blog Berpengaruh pada Pemilihan Presiden?" The growing number of bloggers are amazing and is it possible that the next presidential election will be affected by the voices of bloggers?

PS: It is difficult to search the link to Kompas cetak, so I inserted the link from Forum Pembaca Kompas (Kompas readers' Forum).

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