Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Just a personal diary

I had a high fever and got bones-ache after the three days of busy days with JTS 2007. I was not participating in day one (welcome dinner) as one of my twin already got a fever. I accompanied him to the doctor that evening and the next day it was my father who came to take care of the twins. I enjoyed riding the shuttle bus, a feeder to busway.

Actually I’ve got a lot to write for my blog as I composed it in my mind during the bus ride to Hotel Borobudur. The next day I’ve got to drive myself as I was late already. I uploaded an article for OMNI, then I took the twins to my parents’ house before circling a bit around (loosing my way) to the hotel as I avoided the three in one streets.

Having my own car, I was free enough to wander around after the closure of the summit. I went to The National Galery afterward. This kind of freedom might be impossible for me if I depend on public transportation. Waiting for the bus (it is better for shuttle as I do have schedules as the measurement of time, although it will always be late more than 15 minutes). My car gave me more time and more flexibility to reach two or more destinations in a day journey.

The whole family got sick then...after the twins are me and my eldest son. Then my husband is not feeling well too. Weather's problem...

I’ve produced another article on JTS for, but I have not enough time to write my personal blog on JTS and my thoughts on Jakarta. I am not really well yet…hopefully soon I’ll be fully back in the cyber world!

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