Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Belajar dari Jakarta Tourism Summit 2007

From the Jakarta Tourism Summit 2007 we can learn a lot of things. From the press conference (My first press conference :)) to how the media provide spaces for this international event. Economy or other industrial summits seems more important to cover than tourism, while we could actually earn a lot from tourism. While as a host it is also important to show that we do value all the good deed offered by the sister cities, especially for those who seemed very serious in preparing their visit here.

This article is in bahasa Indonesia (you will be linked to the article by clicking the title above). It is also talking about other aspects that I found interesting such as the urban and environment issue was given by a lecturer of a school of tourism (I regret missed this part)and those students from local school of tourism was totally blank about what it is. They are vocational school and they are only learning about service but not the planning and their role (tourism sector) in making suggestion for urban planning. Coordination between subjects is something that we, Indonesians, should learn. The other thing is about gambling and night life, how it can increase the revenue but also a reminder that it can also be the poison for the younger generation of the country. Government has to choose and stick to it.

I do not really remember all written there (oups I wrote that I do not like to live in Jakarta because of the traffic jam, in the comment I corrected the sentence I do like to live in Southern Jakarta but I could not afford it.) Some of it share the similar content of what I wrote for OMNI, only that I used different pictures.

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