Friday, 10 August 2007

A Global Action is Needed for Mother Earth

The effect of the global warming is warning us how serious it is!

The former U.S. Vice President Al Gore had warned us: “We do not have time to play around with this”. It is obvious that the climate change is taking a big impact on human lives. While some regions are terrified by the amount of water from the flood, other part of the globe are praying for rain to come.

The Britain’s worst floods in sixty years, is forcing the world to face how serious the effect of global warming is. It is not only for the future generation but it is already presented into our own eyes. The global warming is supporting the increase of sea water level in the global world. A document from the Green Peace organization revealed that a significant amount of ice is disappearing from our globe. Another argument which excluded the human contribution on the global warming to the climate change is also existed. Scientists from the University of Maine reported the potential link between the solar activity and the Earth’s climate. Although there might still be disputes between scientists on this matter, it is important to start take a global action to help reducing the burden of mother earth.

In February the torrential rains had paralyzed almost the whole city of Jakarta, Indonesia. While it was already predicted for flooding, the city did not prepare to have such a disaster.

In July, floods are not only visiting Oxford but in the same time appeared in Sulawesi as well. To make things worse in Indonesia it was accompanied by landslides and earthquake. Then earthquake in the sea was performed in Maluku, small islands near Sulawesi. It will contribute to the high tidal wave to the bigger island. Fortunately it was not followed by tsunami.

The heavy rain also hit the part of Sumatera. It was followed by the landslide, and it made the users of the only route of transportation in east Sumatra stuck within days in the middle of the forest between Jambi and Riau. It was reported by Kompas, an Indonesian national daily, that a woman passenger of a bus gave birth to the nearby village of Suban only to find her baby passed away a few minutes after the delivery.
The disaster was made worst because the transportation to rescue or sending daily needs were halt due to the environment condition and the bad weather.

In Morowali, the Central Sulawesi, the flood and landslide’s rescue is still halt by the cut of transportation access. In the meantime, the victims found death are already 33 persons while 39 other persons are still missing.

In the Northern of Sulawesi, the tidal wave and the landslides together with the torrential rain made 10.450 peoples evacuated from 15 locations in the South East of Minahasa.

In Papuait was also reported by a citizen journalist in to have endured heavy flood.
In searching more news on flooding I found out that the climate change affected all Asia, including China.

While some part of this world is struggling to overcome the heavy rain, other part of the world is dry and praying for rain to come for watering their plants. The people in these regions are also badly in need for fresh water. Sometimes people need to walk for 710 meters to find fresh water like in Timor or in Gunung Kidul, near Jogjakarta.

The irony of this water distribution is not only the fact of life, but it is also the consequences of what the people in the world had done to their mother earth. The global warming together with the climate change and the human approach to its environment (such as the deforestation) has changed the water cycle. Last June, in a seminar about water organized by the Centre Culturel Français Jakarta it was already mentioned about the possibility of water crisis in the Earth. Wikipedia revealed that in the year 2025 two third of the world population will be lack of safe drinking water and proper sanitation. The longer period of drought could also be linked to the global warming effect although this theory is still in speculation.
It is time to take the matter more seriously. Prevention is not only for certain countries, but it needs a global action to help this old Mother Earth retain her health. It is our duty to help her gain the power to protect the all the living creatures in her lap. All citizens can help as the Green Peace has stated that to prevent climate change we need a revolution in energy policy and an evolution in the way we all use energy.

This article was supposed to be released for OMNI. The heavy rain has made South Asian suffered disastrous flooding, while here in Indonesia we are already struggling with dry rice fields.

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I am a regular reader of your article. And I am very impress with your blog upon Global Warming. Now I am also write a blog upon effects and causes of Global Warming. This blog is collection of news & reviews like the study found that global warming since 1985 has been caused neither by an increase in solar radiation nor by a decrease in the flux of galactic cosmic rays. Some researchers had also suggested that the latter might influence global warming because the rays trigger cloud formation.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard that NASA's climate-change models and temperature charts have been revised due to various errors and 'fudging' of the data? It now looks as if 1998 was not the hottest year of the past century, nor was 2006 the runner-up. The hottest years were during the 1930s.

What do you make of that?

Retty said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting in my blog. It's so wonderful to have others share my views. I am not a scientist, so I wrote things that I feel right.

As a citizen in the equator I can feel how the mountain is not as cool as it was. With the whole flooding disasters throughout Asia, Africa and even Europe, I think those scientifical research on the relation of the global warming with the ice melting has a good point. That is why I wrote this article, we should try prevention...eventhough it is not true, a prevention is always better than being too late!

Ascendency said...


I would love to connect with you as a global youth climate blogger.

I am the blogmaster for It's Getting Hot in Here - dispatches from the youth climate movement.

I also will be going to Bali for the UN climate negotiations.

Please email me:


Oni Suryaman said...

For those who are not agree with global warming, think like this.

If there are no global warming, and we reduce our carbon emission, there will be no harm done.

But, there are global warming, and we continue to burn fuel as we like, them we are doom.