Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Citizen journalism ten years ago!

Ten years ago I was already involved in early stage of citizen journalism. I kept one topic as my favourite clippings. It is about Diana, the Princess that changed the fairy tale. Her story never ended by "and they lived happily ever after". Neither Cinderella story nor the Barbara Cartland's story fitted into her shoe...

These newspaper clippings are taken from the Jakarta Post ten years ago. Starting from an article about Princess Diana and citizen comments, it became like citizens' discussion. I contributed two letters. These days people are remembering Diana again. I remember these clippings, search for it and found it in my attic.

Too bad I could not find the picture taken by my brother that showed Diana inside a Minangkabau house. She was beautiful, seemed sincere...that was really matter. Hopefully I can write some more words in my next post as soon as possible.

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