Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Seoul, I'm coming!

Today I'll fly to South Korea on the invitation of OhmyNews International. It's still like a dream come true. I've always been eager to know more about Korea. From a corner of my house a sand picture of a little girl sewing her artwork is calling me to visit her country. It's a gift from an exhibitor when I was still working for an exhibition construction management. I got it more than 15 years ago. Another precious treasures are my Hodori doll and a guide book to see Korea from 1987. Stories will be alive...I'll really see South Korea.

Four days seems so short for exploring the city, while the whole country seems to have a bulk of beautiful art and cultures. I should make the most out of this visit. It could be my lifetime visit. But no...we should keep on dreaming, so I'll dream to come back again!

My eldest son envies me, he also wants to see the country of Taekwondo. He is learning taekwondo in his school. Keep hoping and praying, may be your luck will come in your own time!

I'll departed from my PC, unfortunately Notebook is too expensive for me, so I'll skip writing in the net for four days. Kind of hoping there will be a free internet provided there. All my relatives and friends are very helpfull. Some help me with the extra expenses, some provide me with flashdisc and MP4, and other friend is lending me his 2G memory card for my camera. I'm fortunate enough to have a South Korean member of the Indonesian Heritage Society back in Seoul. She will pick me up and guide me around the museum there. She canceled her trip to Pusan for guiding me, thanks a lot Grace!

So having all the kind and gracious helps, it is now my turn to grab the most out of this experience. Seoul...I'm coming!

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Dona Gibbs said...

Hi Retty,
I've now read all your English posts. I like the freer sytle of your blog.