Saturday, 16 June 2007

A day is only 24 hours

I’ve got a lot in my mind to write down, but all activities as a housewife and as a teacher consumed my day. I’d like to write for Ohmy News about our international labors, about the conference on religion tolerance in Bali, and so on. But the articles in seems so crowded with the article from our fellow Papuans who were screaming for “independence” (I put that in parentheses as I do not know exactly what does it means, a separation or a bigger chance to rule out in their region). For me independence means freedom to gain knowledge and freedom from poverty (may be should be added with freedom of speech, which will be in danger if the government adopt the new regulation about the change of the regulation no. 40/1999 about Press). I do not know why I always attracted to this kind of article. I’ve been trying to step out of political area, but it seems that I always bounce back to another comment (or another article).

Their articles opened a new way of seeing things. But in some sense they are not sharing my point of views. I thought we should concentrate on building this country to face the globalization, not retreat to the era of separation. If we are not together, then we would be easier to be dictated by super power country. Even now, we are “slightly” dictated as we are dependent on foreign loan!

Writing all these posts and articles were not as easy as writing my comment in my diary. I used to write anything in my diary under the secure feeling of privacy. Using blog and even blogging as a community in a citizen journalism website made me aware that my writing could be read by anybody. I should be more careful in providing facts and presenting ideas. Writing in English is making it more difficult to write fast. Sometimes I do need to counter check the words or I’ll have a miscommunication with readers out of the bad presenting words.

A day is only 24 hours, and we do need to learn to manage it! God gives it to us to fit properly with our needs. I know that even if I have 36 hours in a day I’ll still ask for more if I could not manage my time wisely.

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