Saturday, 9 June 2007

On Being a Citizen Journalist

It is not easy to put my views on East Timor in an article published by OhmyNews International. Actually I prayed that somebody else has written the article about Sutiyoso’s hotel incident. As Indonesian, I feel that the treatment is unfair. They do need to invite him politely to come to the court, not by opening his room like he’s a criminal hiding inside his hotel room. I am not supporting Sutiyoso as an individu, nor did I support “whatever” happened in the past. I do not favor some of his policies as the Governor of Jakarta. But I really think he should receive a better treatment as an official guest to a neighboring country.

I have submitted my article when I saw Rudy Sianturi’s article. I do not regret airing mine though! I valued Rudy’s link to a letter sent by Rev. Mangunwijaya SJ to the president then, Habibie. It is really a valuable letter, Romo Mangun gave me more views on democracy. He clearly stated that politically he is the opponent of Habibie, yet friendship goes beyond politic. Personally it touched me, because sometimes I loose my objectivity on Habibie. Although I valued Habibie’s bright and clever mind, I never really respect him. Reading that letter gave me the insight how difficult the situation was for Habibie. Being a successor to Suharto, his great mentor, in such an awkward situation, should really put him into trouble with all the problems on hands.

Actually I’ve noted in my unedited article that Indonesia did provide scholarships to East Timorese. I also noted that military actions usually following order. Our military troops did help under the UN peacekeeper troop (e.g. through UNPROFOR, or through UNTAES, and also recently in South Lebanon).

A comment from a reader made me browsing to a website. I saw a short article about training for journalist in peace building. I realized how important the task of a journalist to provide an objective views. Coincidentally it was also mentioned in Romo Mangun’s letter. I remember reading ”Covering Diversity Starts in the Newsroom” from the Jakarta Post.

I learned a lot being a citizen journalist. First, I learn how to see myself and the inner me. Then I should be able to make myself better and contribute something to my country. Keeping my self frustrated with the situation will not help bring us out of the problem. I should act out and roll the ball. I knew now that my talent is writing. I’ll keep working while keeping my finger crossed. God will help!

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