Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A New Spirit of Writing Is Here!

I was always keen to study abroad, but I knew that it was too much to ask!
I've persuaded a scholarship, but I did not gain it. Later on, I quit all jobs to concentrate on my family. But something inside me is driving me crazy...I don't know why I always wanted to do something more. I don't know what I'm trying to proof, or to whom I'd like to proof it...

Now, it seemed that my spirit in writing is really waking up. Citizen journalism made me lively. It's something that do not bring money, but I really feel alive in it!

I've also found a new way of learning through OHMI. As a contributor to a journal, you'll never got such a nice guidance like the one I've got from its senior editor, Mr. Thacker.
Typically me, use long sentences, have a wandering mind...(not a good student, actually it is also due to the cost of being online...lazy to read all the fact in FAQ!).
It is really like learning to write again, learning to seek into my heart, and to express it out loud!

Hoping that the flame of writing would not fade away...
Need to doubled my talents, or He would ask me and I don't even remember where did I hide it!

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