Monday, 30 April 2007

Kids Around the World

While I succeed in interviewing Adrianto Gani, I failed to have the interview from Jessie Smith. Jessie is the founder of Kids Around the World in Canada. She was trying to gain funds and support to build a children museum that shows the diversities of culture in the world. It is her way of introducing other cultures to children from their young age. It would help erasing racism and discrimination based on races and skin colors, it would also enrich children with studies on art, culture and humanities (may be even science and technology as I dreamt of) from early age through a nice memory in an interactive children museum.
Not really failed actually, she asked me to wait until the 3rd week of May. I just think the moment is may be out of date as she disbanded the organization in April.

One question is answered; she has never try citizen journalism in the internet.

I am glad that she did manage to have a place in a children museum in Winnipeg to place her exhibits. So, it is not just disbanded and put away…
Hopefully it would keep the dream alive, and may be inspired others to start. May be we should start globally, and then one day put the pieces together in one place!

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