Monday, 16 April 2007

Buah Pena

Blog ini bernama buah pena karena berawal dari penulisan di citizen journalism website yang dimasukkan ke dalam blog...

Tapi rasanya repot banget ngurusin copy paste tulisanku...ya sudahlah, yang mau lihat tulisan silahkan masuk ke atau ke Ohmy News International, sementara ini tulisanku baru diposting di dua tempat itu.

Buah pena might be translated as the fruit of a pen, so is this blog's name...
It is from the writings I've produced for the citizen journalism website imported back here...

But I got too lazy to copy and paste it back, I decided to stop taking it back here. You could search for my writings in (Indonesian) and Ohmy News International (English). For the time being, that's the two citizen journalism websites I write for right now!

I'll manage to write my comments on my writings.

Kharisma Seorang Sultan is my way of growing up (old enough to grow up, hein?!), that's is the first time I managed to publicly admit my Chinese descendant in writing. I always feel as a Makasarese, and filling the form with the "suku" question always puts me in trouble. I do not want to write down Chinese, while others would not want to acknowledge me as Makasarese. The term indigenous is only raised when filling the form, as in conversation they'll accept if I say I'm Makasarese. I was raised up as an Indonesian with Makasarese dialect and Bahasa Indonesia as my mother tongue. So, being a child born in the New Ordre, I was confused, unwilling to publicly admit Chinese as my background. Being a middle class Chinese is not an easy way of life, so by writing the fact in an online citizen journalism website is a big leap for me!

I'm preparing an article about Kartini, she lived a hundred year prior to this era but she wrote openly about her feelings. She got the enlightment...I hope I will too!

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