Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year...Welcome 2010!

I haven't done my yearly reflection yet. Since I joined citizen journalism websites I used to write a reflection note at the end of the year. Yet, this year is another case.

I did write about "Hari Natal" for the Indonesian Heritage Society's Newsletter. I also received a short e-mail comment for that writing so I intended to upload it here on Christmas day, but I forgot. I've got a lot of things packed in my mind.

The children and I were busy preparing our choir's performance for the fourth Advent Week. My eldest would also play his guitar in the two songs specially prepared by the children (their first time joining the adult in the church's choir).

December 26, I went to see my obgyn, and got the news that I should go through an examination to see if I had endometrial hyperplasia. December 28, I went through the procedure and took a day to rest in the hospital.

December 30, I went with my parents and my boys to the nearby mountain (not really far, it is only in Cisarua, about an hour drive from my parents' house). Actually I would prefer to stay at home, but the twins asked me to come along with their "please...please...please mom!" that could not be rejected. This year my husband can't join us as he was still engaged with his work in the city.

I would like to write about Gus Dur the minute I heard that he passed away, but the electricity was off through the evening, and was still on and off at night (I managed to post my comments tough!). The internet connection is not always available, and my three boys are my competitors to enter the cyber world.

While my parents and my children were enjoying the fireworks that beautify the night scene at the mountain, I was fast asleep...
Now, they are all gone to bed, and here I am...writing my blog (finishing several unfinished posts and some other new posts...yet, there are still some in the draft box). We also lost Frans Seda, a politician and also an important Catholic figure (December 31), but it seems that I should try to go back to bed now...

My resolution for 2010? Keep writing, be a better mother and a better person...

Thank you God for the new year 2010, please lead us into a better year, help our nation to stand up and grow again, help the world to reach a better communication...
I hope we are all going to stand up for the sake of our mother Earth, and to share Your love with all Your creations.

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