Monday, 25 January 2010

The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock and The Golden Globe Awards

It is good to hear that Sandra Bullock got her Golden Globe Award through her performance in The Blind Side. I was actually impressed by the way she acted out the character of Leigh Anne Tuohy. Her acting made me wonder about that mommy character in the real life. It's really amazing to read that the film was based on a real story. This film made me even more curious to read the book, Blind Side: Evolution of a Game (by Michael Lewis).

After I saw the film, I had some notes in my mind. First, I wondered how Leigh Anne was able to do all her beautiful job at the same length of time as mine. I did not see any helper in the film, but she managed to keep the house clean, her children and husband happy, and she was also working as an interior designer who also had social activities. The most memorable moment of the film is when she came back and said to the leader of the gang "whoever threatens my boy is threatening me..." Oh, she had the nerve to come back and say it out aloud. That's a bit unimaginable for me, but it was really inspiring. She has shown how to show a character, how not to show any sign of weaknesses.

Then, I also like the moment she were hesitated about their way of influencing Big Mike to go into the family's old school. That a universal motherly thought as we've always been wondering to give the best for our kids, but in the process we would perhaps try our best to persuade them into the one we thought is the best (through our own perspective, not theirs).

And I was also touched that she didn't bother the IQ test, but instead try her best to help Big Mike to get his scholarship. I was impressed that she used his ability to protect to gain him his confidence in the game.

Actually I like the film. Not only Sandra Bullock's part of action, although she is the strongest character in that film. I like seeing the film because it has something about education. It is so nice to see how teachers and parents (and family too) worked together with the boy to achieve his best. I wonder if we can have it here in Indonesia.

My other impression is that the Tuohy family had an established life, they can afford to take care of another additional member of the family. Yet, I knew by intuition that even if the situation was not as presented in the movie, the family would still try their best to help others.

I watched the film with my children, I hope they can take their own lesson from that film. I know that it does need time to process it in their mind. In the meantime, there is one remark from my eldest son (which is not really really showing that he grabbed the other lessons), "Why don't we have a public washing machine like that? Isn't it a big idea to provide a self-laundry like that here?" I said that we are too lazy to do it ourselves, we'd like to have it done. My husband answered him that we are not having the culture of preserving public property. Yet, we are sure that the time will come when we are depending more on machine like that.

Yes, we are moving bit by bit to the western standard of life. If generations before us didn't really bother strangers to come as a guest to the house, perhaps now we (Indonesians) are more selective. This film is also reminding us how to use our heart in judging a situation. Two thumbs up for the film, the actors and actress, and the Golden Globe Awards' jury.

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