Monday, 14 September 2009

Nature's beauty

I've uploaded this picture taken from Pulau Rambut, an island in the Kepulauan Seribu. I was pampered by the beauty of nature there. Yet, there were also a lot of trash over there...

My articles for wikimu are not finish yet. It seems that commitments are running over me.

Two days ago I watched a Korean television series titled "He who can't marry". I was attracted to watch the film as the main male character is an architect. He got me interested when he said to his prospective client (who was insisting that he used a certain design from a book): "Who did that design?" And when answered the architect's name, he just snapped in: "Then you should contact him, his office is....bla..bla...bla..." Yes, it is tiring sometimes when people consider you only as their drafter, not as an architect. Books and magazine actually are only a way to know a client's taste. Yet, the architect preferences should also be there, if not then we'll miss the fun part of doing our job.

Since I've come back from Seoul, I've been more curious about South Korea. At the same time, the KBS and Arirang are also available for Indonesian audiences. I don't have the television cable connection at home, but my parents do...And they are now crazy about Korean TV series. They've got their schedule of favourite films. These Korean films are more realistic and have got more education than Indonesian TV series. Like that architect (it is still hard for me to remember Korean name), it is interesting as it tells us about someone's daily life. And it shows something that is also related to us. Being an architect we can have the same problem, everywhere...that's a global issue perhaps?! Then, another lesson came when he said to a young woman who fell in love with him: "You've got to be able to say no to people..." That is my problem, sometimes I don't know how to say no...and don't know how to make my priorities. The man himself said no to flowery design, but did it after being struck with the realization that people use and like those flowers in pictures. So a romantic film should not only talking about love, other man/woman, etc. It could also give us some lessons of life inside the dialogues. And it is given by natural presentation, not preaching...this is what we probably missed from Indonesian TV series.

So lots of commitments, small portion of time...that make my articles waiting and abundant of works delayed. Now the priority is teaching, either my own sons or the school children. I'm helping out again to teach in a nearby school I used to help before. I don't know what does God planned for me. Sometimes things are really unpredictable, and I am confused to make my decision about using my time. I hope I didn't choose the wrong step...

I missed the Bloggers Unite's "International Literacy Day", and I did not even join in discussions about it. Wendy Lee has visited me with her ideas books for Cameroon. I had visited her blogs and found out her interesting story about how she was keen to the library. I thought I would write something about library as I found library is crucial for national literacy. On the second thought, perhaps the story about how my twins were struggling to read could also be an interesting story about literacy... I think I'll keep it in my agenda even if the international day was already went away, the need for literacy is staying...

I just want my writing to be natural as shown in the picture that pointed out the nature's beauty. And to get into that writing I do need some quiet time, not only physically but also mentally...Hopefully the coming Eid-ul-Fitr holiday I'll have some quiet time to be reflective and to gather all my running thoughts.

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