Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Time Management

I can't deny that time management is the most important aspect that I do need to master right now! Writing online blog made me produced some writings that might not be written if I wasn't involved in citizen journalism. Yet, the more I write for citizen journalism, the more I realized how important it is to keep active in the real life. What is really matter in citizen journalism community? It's not about the writing, but it's about the real action. Real action need time. A person like me who like variety of activities should make myself alert of the time management of any commitment. Priority should always be put forward, and I should also balance the need for self satisfaction with the real service for others.

I'd like to invest my time in a valuable actions, that was the reason I came into citizen journalism...but that's also my reason to slow down in my participation in citizen journalism activities right now. I'm still in search of a balancing life, and in that case I really need a good time management. I'm learning right now, trying to manage my given time as wisely as I can....

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yudha said...

I agree that time management is very necessary for something very important, but little things had to be designed properly in order to smoothly :D