Wednesday, 13 May 2009

After the opening of the new Ayodya Park (ex Pasar Bunga Barito), I've no chance to visit it yet. I've seen the picture in wikimu, and today I've read this in the Jakarta Post:

City should involve stakeholders in managing Ayodya Park: Councilor

Triwik Kurniasari
, The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Wed, 05/13/2009 5:59 PM | Jakarta

A councilor of the City Administration suggested the city involve private stakeholders in the upkeep of Ayodya Park in South Jakarta, which was costing the adminstration around Rp 60 million per month in maintenance.

"The administration should go hand-in-hand with stakeholders to maintain the park. It will be hard for the administration to manage it by itself due to high maintenance costs," said Sayogo Hendrosubroto, head of Commission D overseeing city development, on Wednesday.

"Most of the upkeep expenses went toward water and electricity," he said, after visiting the park on Tuesday.

The 7,500-square-meter Ayodya Park was officially reopened to public on March 15.

The restoration project was part of the city's program to restore green areas in the capital, which have been decreasing over last few decades due to a massive increase in land development.

So, after relocating those longterm private stakeholders (the flower vendors, and the fish vendors), now the government are going to invite another private stakeholders...we'll see what are they going to do...

After rejecting the community development proposed by those vendors, now they are complaining for the high expense...Didn't they have planning? Did they have a financial projection before sending those old private stakeholders out of that park?

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