Monday, 6 April 2009

Coordination is very important

Pentingnya Koordinasi Bantuan Bencana was written as my students who went to Situ Gintung bringing some clothes, books, pencils, food, etc. to help those who were loosing their home and family in the tragedy a week ago, were facing rejection. Those in charge in the rescue post would only receive cash.

Actually I had planning to go with them, but my son's schedule was changing so I could not go. Other than that, Friday is usually a hectic day for me. I don't know why, but Friday is always seems shorter than other days. I was not going there as we've got representative, but my heart went with them. Hearing the rejection shocked me a little bit. Then I saw in the printed daily Kompas the mountain of goods donated for Situ Gintung, and underneath I can read the comment that they have to throw away instant food and used clothes as they've received too many. Hey...we were trying hard to collect those things, and there are a lot of people out there who might still need it. There are those who are also flooded in West Sumatra, or others who really need help.

I think that those working in the Social Department should be responsible to coordinate all the donation to go through the right direction. They should be ready with a system on how to coordinate help, physically (together with BASARNAS), and financially (including those food and clothes donation). Used clothes donated are usually had been selected to a usable clothes, sometimes there are also new clothes. The internet with its social networking such as blog and citizen journalism website could be the best place to put updated information on what they do need in the location, how to help, who should we contact. Because we are facing the election day, so it seems that everybody are showing up with their donation, showing that they donation came in mountain, let's see two months from now.

Today (this is not included in the article that was published earlier. This post is a little bit late as I've got no time to write) I've heard that from all those people who were moved out from campusses, not all of them get a place in the new shelter, some are given tents for sleeping. I've tried my best to help, and the only important help that I can offer them now is praying. I would like to be there helping too, but I knew that we do need to make priorities. If the Almighty needs me there, then He'll show His way...for the time being: " Dear God, please blessed all those mourning people and also those rescuers who were doing wonderful services to people and to You, God. Please help us walking out of the temptation that could make us against Your love and the spirit of peace.

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