Sunday, 20 May 2007

Digging from Within…

This blog is becoming more personal than I thought it should be. The writing of the May Riot and the answer to a reader’s question about my name made it really personal. It is even more personal than my “only for family and close friends” blog Depot Ide (the Reservoirs of Ideas). Blogger is really good in service; you can have your blog hidden from public. Yet, it turned out that my public blog opens my more intimate and personal thoughts than my hidden one.

I’m just trying to dig within me all the thoughts that were bothering me. I knew that I could never be like J.K. Rowling. Imagination is really some other sort of exploration. But I have read in Wikimu a story behind her success. She was rejected by big publishers, but she kept trying. That’s the spirit I should have!

I just found out who is JJS. I really feel honored that he appreciated my articles. Citizen Journalism websites are really opening the door to the world!

Now I’m trying to focus on my other weakness; my wandering thoughts! Recently I asked Wikimu editor to review and edit my work before submitting it. I’ve got a really nice comment (thanks mas Bayu!). I learned that I sometimes jumped into another subject which could blur my main attention of the article. He clearly pointed out the things he would not understand as a reader, and things that he would like to know when he saw the title and the leading intro. I’ve got the same kind of coaching from OMNI’s editors, but this one is really something in-depth. He knew that I’d like to learn more, so he is willing to share his perspective.

His job as an editor for a citizen journalism website like would be a very difficult but challenging work. Wikimu aimed to be able to serve as in the 11th layer of citizen journalism website, and they do have contributors who are really novice to writing.

I said it would be difficult as I imagined myself (as the perfectionist) looking to all those misspellings to the unclearly stated opinion (like mine…he..he…he…), or even worse. He should be careful though not to scare us away from writing our ideas. That’s why I did have the impression that they did nothing in the editorial (which actually they work even harder than I thought); the reason behind my voyage to Ohmy News (another thanks for being the hidden “pushing” reason). Yes, I was afraid that my being “wikimu contributor” would make me strive even harder to have my articles published in the conventional media.

Challenging, as it would also challenge you to find a talent and help that person to have the courage to write out his perspective. I’ve noticed that Bayu’s articles are trying to get readers comments on our country national problems. People might not be able to write an article but they still have comments as citizens.

His article about the King of Jogja made me produce my writing about the charm of the late King Hamengku Buwana IX. My first article combating my inferior feeling as a Chinese Indonesian.

So…I’m going to dig more into me with the kind coaching and help from all those great people outside me!

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