Friday, 14 May 2010

Envy Singapore....

If I had the time to join friends in the International Museum Seminar in Bali under the topic "New Paradigm of Museum Management" may be I'll have more information to share about the celebration of the International Museum Day in Indonesia. The invitation came from the Museum Nasional (Jakarta), but the event was started while my eldest son is still in his final examination to finish his elementary school. Sometimes it is just not my luck!

I received this brochure through e-mail from

This is how I envy Singapore. They've got a real promotion, hopefully the event will be as good as the promotion (see also In Indonesia, sometimes we do have a very good event but it lacks the promotion. Or, perhaps this year we don't have any celebration... The brochure from Singapore shows me how close it is to the topic of the International Museum Day 2010, "Museums for social harmony". Then they are also offering discounted prices, which is actually not necessary for the Indonesian museums (except for some, like Museum Pusaka in TMII which would cost foreigner US$ 2...which is also not really expensive comparing to the price of museum's ticket around the world).

As the International Museum Day should be celebrated around the 18th May, I do hope we'll still have some interesting activities to celebrate it here.

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