Sunday, 11 April 2010

Festival April 2010, can I be there?

I'm certainly sure that I will be hanging around the Festival April 2010 if I am a single woman. Unfortunately I'm not...To make it worst, I also have a boy who is a sixth grader! He is in the middle of his final tests these days.

This is how I need citizen journalism. Newspapers sometimes do not have enough spaces to cover an event like this. And that way I do need to find out stories like this in the cyber news, which are mostly came from citizen reporters.

I am hoping to go there...hope I can...but I'm torn between my responsibility as a mother and this fascinating event. I'd love to come and see Makkunrai, a theater and monologue of women. Yet, it will be on Thursday, and we're still having Friday as a school day.

Oh, I'd love to hear those participants discussing Kartini's letters. She is one of my greatest inspiration, although I might not representing the feminist figure that people would expect. An ordinary woman who is working mainly as a mother, doesn't sound like a progress of women emancipation, does it? Kartini inspired me mostly about education, the main task of a woman is to build a better foundation on young generation. That's the basic thing that I'm trying to do right now. My heart is actually aching to reach out, to go out and fly with the follow my passion wherever it calls...but, there is a small voice inside me that hold me back and reminding me of my responsibilities...Oh God, You do know what I should do...and how I should do it.

(Picture is taken from the FB account of Festival April 2010, please visit the link above to know the agenda of this special event, or read more from the Jakarta Post)

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